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Practical CE vs. Competency Verification of Practical Capabilities

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  • 04 Aug 2017 3:44 PM
    Reply # 5012650 on 4777537

    Practical CEs are necessary and relevant.  People that do not have a chance to practice their skills in the field not only refresh but improve their hands on techniques.  It is also a way to introduce new methods and correct bad habits.

    Pushing this out to MCAs (we have 45 agencies) may not have the positive effect you are looking for either.  Although some PMDs are or have been more involved then others, it still remains a proven fact that practical examination is a stressful environment that requires the opportunity to practice prior to testing.  

    The lack of interest in EMS education with fewer ICs can make it harder to supply those practicals but it is well worth the effort once done.

    I believe we should keep them until we can come up with a suitable alternative.

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