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2019 Board of Directors Election RESULTS

Incoming President Elect

Gregory Flynn

My fellow EMS educators, I am seeking another term as the President of our organization. I have truly enjoyed the challenge of leading our group with the rest of the board. Your board leadership continues to work diligently to provide you with the best conferences and represent your views at the State level. I am very pleased with the direction the Society is heading and want to continue the momentum. I hope you are pleased with the work of your board and I further hope you will support my desire to serve as the President for another term.

Incoming Secretary

Maria Willoughby-Byrwa
My experiences, accompanied by passion, compassion and professionalism are the greatest gifts that I can offer. I currently serve as an active SMEMSIC Board Member and committee member of the AHA ECC Education Subcommittee. I have served on state level committees (QATF, Committee of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Advisory Board and Michigan Alliance of Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young). I’ve been appointed and honored to serve on national committees such as the National Association of State EMS Officials Pediatric Care Council and Education Standards Committee. Using my experience in these areas, I’ve been a driver of change, improving education standards and quality assurance in regards to EMS. As a Board Member, I will continue to serve as a proactive voice for the membership. Great communication paired with honesty and compassion for the betterment of EMS education are also what I offer. I support excellence in EMS education and am dedicated to our profession.

Incoming Treasurer

Daniel Wecker (Incumbent)
I have served the Society as your Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee for the past 2 years and in addition to Emergency Services and Instructional backgrounds, I have a strong sense of business and will continue to apply my passion for both EMS and Business to the Society and EMS in Michigan if I am re-elected.

Incoming Historian

Enrique Alonzo (Incumbent)
As a member since 2007 and as EMS Historian, I have the experience and ability to guide our society into the challenging times ahead. I have been in EMS since 1981 and I am an advocate for the continuing changes that involve the future of community paramedic topics. I have utilized my resources to bring in topics that present sensitive issues such as suicide in EMS and the Fire service. As EMS Historian I will continue to work tirelessly to keep the spirit of the SMEMSIC in the forefront of our educational goals for the EMS community.

Incoming Region 1 Representative

Eric Smith (Incumbent)
I always say we only get one chance to shape our future. I am approaching 20 years as a Society member now. I spent the early years following the leadership of our Board and striving to become a leader. A few years ago, I fulfilled one of my goals by becoming one of those Board members that I looked up to for so many years. I have had the honor to represent the Region 1 ICs and their interests on the Board for past few years. The knowledge and experience I have gained will continue to help shape the future of EMS in Michigan. Our Board has also appointed me as one of our EMSCC representatives, so I currently have the privilege to represent all of our members at the state level. The relationships that have been built will continue to make the IC Society a well respected and looked up to organization in Michigan healthcare. I am asking for your vote to continue as a Society Board member.

Incoming Region 3 Representative

Bob Cesario (Incumbent)
Current board member. Over 40 years EMS experience and educator for over 30 years.

Incoming Upper Peninsula Representative

Nancy McDonald
I became an IC in 2003. Because I serve on an ambulance corps in an extremely remote area of the UP, I have considerable experience coping with the problems that instructors in this situation may face. The situations we encounter can be very different from those found in an urban area. I'm an experienced SMEMSIC Board member, having served as a UP representative for many years.

It is the mission of the Society of Michigan EMS Instructor Coordinators to promote the growth and development of EMS education by supporting EMS educators through advocacy, professional development and training.

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