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EMSCC Administrative Rule Changes

As a result of recommendations made in the strategic plan and in coordination with several EMSCC subcommittees, the department has finalized the review and proposed revisions to the Administrative Rules.

This has been an ongoing project for over a year and a half and took several hundred hours of review and collaboration from over 80 individuals in the EMS system in Michigan.  This was quite the endeavor and we sincerely want to thank the EMSCC subcommittees for all of their insight and hard work on putting forth these recommendations to the EMSCC.

Click on the following documents for review:

Please disseminate amongst your stakeholder groups for review and comment.  Review should include content and grammar only, as the format will be completed when all changes have been made.

An Excel spreadsheet is above for providing comments.  Please use the clean versions to make the comments.  These have line numbers on them for easier reference. Please return the comment spreadsheet to Nicole Babb at babbn@michigan.gov.

All final comments are due to our office no later than 11/1/19.  This item will be on the EMSCC agenda for the 9/27/19 meeting for discussion, but our goal is to have all comments finalized before the 11/22/19 EMSCC meeting, so that we can obtain an EMSCC recommendation and move forward with the rules process with the Office of Good Government by January 1, 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you on shaping our EMS system into the future!

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